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User Consent for AI

Use of AI Models: AskElephant utilizes the following third-party AI models: OpenAI GPT, Google LaMDA, Claude, Google Gemini. 

Data shared with these models includes: (e.g. user messages, user documents/files, etc).

This data is shared to enable the AI models to assist with (purposes, e.g. answering questions, analyzing documents, summarizing information).

The AI models may use this data to generate responses, summaries, analyses or other outputs tailored to the specific data provided. This could potentially reveal insights about the user or their data to the AI model providers.

Users cannot opt out of having their data processed by AskElephant's AI models, as this is a core functionality of the service.

We strive to only partner with AI providers that have stringent ethical AI principles and practices to ensure responsible use of data. However, we cannot guarantee that third-party AI models adhere to specific standards beyond what is publicly stated by those providers.

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