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Unlock the Power of
Revenue Intelligence

Elephant introduces a revenue intelligence platform built by the best sales leaders and coaches in the world.  Our platform gives you the best individual tailored coaching for both managers and reps and doesn't stop there. Elevate your revenue game with Elephant as your trusted partner, guiding you towards unparalleled success in the dynamic world of revenue. 

Improvement in every phase of the sales cycle

Elephant is engineered to transform the entire sales ecosystem. For sales reps, it's the indispensable companion that brings forth actionable insights, enabling tailored coaching and personalized outreach. Sales management experiences a paradigm shift as decision-making becomes data-driven, facilitating strategic planning and performance optimization. Elevate customer experiences with a platform that not only understands their needs but anticipates them.


Harness the power to make informed decisions, streamline processes effortlessly, and automate tasks intelligently, ultimately simplifying the lives of every sales professional. 

Elephant's Revenue Intelligence Platform integrations


At Elephant, we're your dedicated partner in revenue intelligence, centered around robust, intelligent coaching. Using data from all relevant internal systems, our advanced AI system is designed to empower your sales team, making interaction count. Elephant provides: 

  • Personalized coaching

  • Task automation with recommended language and sales plays. 

  • Automated revenue assistance 

  • Predictive Analytics


we understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to sales success. Elephant provides training that's laser-focused on what has driven success within your specific company in the past. By analyzing your historical data through integrations with your CRM, email platform data warehouse, etc. and identifying the unique sales tactics and methods that have led to closed deals for your team, we create a personalized coaching experience that aligns perfectly with your winning formula.


Elephant isn't just built for sales reps. It's built for the entire Revenue team. See how we can help your team:



Jordan Walker

VP Sales, Cinch

"The most Magical tool I have ever used. Making my one on one 25 times more productive"


Review sample call analysis reports showcasing the powerful capabilities.

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